About Bill Fox and Membership in the Post-WW II Baby Boomer Generation

The hair on top has almost all turned to skin now, but what’s left is still my natural brown color. All the sun my skin absorbed while photographing thousands of sporting events over 40 years — coupled with significant career change stress — have brought about lines, crow’s feet and circles under my blue eyes.

I’m proud of having lost 25 pounds in the last few years, primarily from no longer “pumping iron” or eating white sugar. At 219 pounds, I’m lighter than when I completed my SFPD probation at age 23 on September 11, 1973.

This is me, Bill Fox – circa 2016. 66-years-old, and a former: child, athlete, US Army combat medic, San Francisco Police officer, traveler, sports photographer, team photographer for the San Francisco 49er. Now: husband, father and Author.

What hasn’t changed over my lifetime is the strong desire to seek out more. To accomplish more . . . to leave a mark behind showing I’ve lived on the earth — hence the writing of my book Lands End.

My life could hardly compare to the men who’ve most influenced me:

  1. JFK (35th President of the United States, 1961-1963)
  2. Steve Sabol (Creative genius behind NFL Films)
  3. Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry (Legendary NFL Head Coaches)
  4. RFK (Brother of JFK, US Attorney General, US Senator)
  5. Hugh Hefner (Founder of Playboy Magazine)
  6. Craig Morton (UC Berkeley and Dallas Cowboys quarterback in the 60s through the 80s)
  7. Peter Revson (Formula One and Indy race car driver killed at age 34)
  8. Mario Andretti (Indianapolis “500” and Formula One World Driving Champion)
  9. Steve McQueen (Actor)
  10. Kevin Costner (Actor)

But I have no complaints.

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